48 Hour Barn Rental + Chairs,Tables       $4000.00

Deposit Included

36 Hour Barn Rental + Chairs, Tables       $3000.00

Deposit Included

12 Hour Barn Rental + Chairs, Tables       $2000.00

Deposit Included 

Pricing, Policies & Terms of Venue use are subject to change unless Locked In By You!

We have the Right to Refuse Service.

Fee's, Deposits & Rental Price are Non-Negotiable 

No Private Alcohol is Permitted!  *Our Bar Tender Required*

Any and All Extra or Extended Time Will be $100.00 Per Hour

Effective 06/01/2023

Have Questions Call/Text For Details 

Fee's, Deposits & Pricing

Our Private Venue Books on a first come first serve basis and if you're not serious don't rent here.

11/01   ​Winter Time   04/31

Rental Deposits are Refundable, All Venue Payments/Prepaid's are !00% Refundable when canceling 

The Price You See, Is The Price You Pay!

          Rental Price & Seasonal Times 

 Weekday Rentals

  Monday - Thursday 

  Some Restriction Apply

  Deposit Waived when      booking whitin a              weeks time

  $80.00 Hr

  3 Hr Min 12 Hr Max

Venue rental prices are done by hourly blocks.

Scroll Up For Pricing, Visit Q&A for Answers

05/01   ​Summer Time   10/31

These are the options to choose from

Events Venue will not be rented out for no less then 12Hr for either Fridays or Saturday tents are included in all summer venue rentals. 

Venue fee's, deposits and rental pricing dose not include Alcohol or Bar Tending Services.

208 316 7975

Rental Deposit Are Paid In Full Day Of Booking all final payments due 2 weeks prior to event.

In-Person Booking Only *A Signed Waiver by You is Required*

48 Hour Barn Rental + 2 - 20x40 Tents, Chairs, Tables $4,500.00     Deposit Included


36 Hour Barn Rental + 2 - 20x40 Tents, Chairs, Tables $3,500.00     Deposit Included

12 Hour Barn Rental + 2 - 20x40 Tents, Chairs, Tabels $2,500.00     Deposit Included

Sunday Rental Price

$100.00 Per Hour

Min 3 Hour  Max 9 Hour

Limited Time 


Deposits may and or will Apply       

"Deposit Booking Fees" is $500 for events 12 hour or more, $250 for events less than 12 hours "NoN-Refundable" and will be paid at time of booking.  *[does no apply for rentals 6 hours or less restriction apply]

"Venue Rental Deposits" is $250 for Non-Alcohol'd Event & $500 for Alcohol'd Event

(Refundable) and will be paid at time of booking.

All other forms of payments e.g.  Cash,Card,Check,Money order will be excepted for any pre- payment or finale payments for the venue.

Please allow a 20 day notice for bar services if you're making reservation for your event or there will be no Alcohol.

Booking/Rental Deposits are separate from Rental Price & Outside Vendors Fees.