Pricing is subject to change unless locked in by You!

We have the right to refuse service.

Pricing & Deposits are non-negotiable 

No Private Alcohol is Permited!

 Regular Weekend  Package

Summer  Rental  $500.00  For 6 Hours

Winter  Rental     $350.00  For 6 Hours

 No Alcohol Events On Short Notice.​

​            No Deposit Needed

              Call for Details

Venue pricing dose not include bar tending services.

We offer Winter and Summer rates.

Weekday Rentals

  Monday - Thursday 

Summer  Rental  $1,100.00

Winter   Rental    $900.00

Deposits are either $500 for a alcohol'd event or $350 for a non-alcohol'd event.

Please allow a 10 day notice for bar services before your event or there will be no Alcohol.

Venue deposit are separate from rental price.

Call For Details On Sunday Rental Time

Additional hours Beyond Packages are $100.00 a hour.

Pricing for the Venue

 Summer Rates April 1st To October 31st

Winter Rates November 1st To March 31st

    These are the options to choose from

Friday and Saturdays are Reserved For Weddings or Larger Events and will not be rented out for no less then 12Hr for either one of those days. 

Venue deposits are separate from bar setup fee.

Rental deposits are refundable.

Some packages may not be available at times.

Summer 48 Hour Barn Rental - $3,000.00

Winter    48 Hour Barn Rental - $2,500.00

Summer 36 Hour Barn Rental - $2,500.00

Winter    36 Hour Barn Rental - $2,000.00

Summer ​12 Hour Barn Rental - $1,500.00

Winter    12 Hour Barn Rental - $1,000.00

Most Popular

Our venue books on a first come first serve basis.

48 Hour Barn Rental + 2 - 20x40 Event Tents $3,500.00


36 Hour Barn Rental + 2 - 20x40 Event Tents $3,000.00

12 Hour Barn Rental + 2 - 20x40 Event Tents $2,000.00

 ​      Special Rental Package 

​Sunday Rentals  9 Hours

Barn rental prices are done by hourly blocks.

208 - 316 -7975