Q. How many people can this venue accommodate?  
A. 225 occupancy inside / out side unlimited.

Q. Is the date ______________available? If so, when can we book that? 
A. Yes, if the date is available, You can book any time by getting a hold of us.

Q. What is the rental fee? 
A. Depending on hours of use, summer or winter rates. {Check Pricing Page}

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Yes, all pets are allowed on property and must be

    on leash at all time, renter will be liable for all pet related issues.

    Not all pet are allowed inside : For example  horses, cows, buffalo's, monkeys, birds 

    would not be allowed inside the building.

Q. What is included in that price?
A. Please refer to our ( Whats Included Page ), on our website for what included with the rental fee.

Q. Is there Gratuity? 
A. There is No Gratuity fee at The Risk.

Q. Is there a Cleaning fees?
A. There is cleaning fees, Deposit is refundable when contact is met.

Q.How much is the deposit?
A.We have two deposit rates one is for a alcohol'd event or non alcohol event.

   Non-Alcohol'd event deposit price is $350.

   Alcohol'd event is $500.

   Alcohol'd deposit Dose Not include Alcohol.

   Both Deposits are refundable when contract is met. 

Q. When is deposit due? 
A. The deposit is dew at time of booking.

Q. Is deposit refundable? 
A. Yes, as long as contact is met.

Q. When is the rest of the rental fee due by after deposit?
A. Final payment must be paid two weeks prior to your event or discuss with Proprietor for other arrangements,

    or doors will not be unlocked.

Q. How many hours do we get at the venue for set up (thinking the late afternoon/evening the day before preferrably), the wedding, and take down? 
A. Hours may vary depending on numbers of hours rented.

Q. Can we do our rehearsal the night before? Is there a charge for that?
A. Rehearsal/dinners can be done the night before when venue if rented for for selected hours. 

Q.How much time is allowed for the rehearsal?
A. Renter choice depends on rented time.

Q. What is the cancellation policy? 
A.  60 day cancellation notice must be met for full refund of deposit. 59 days or less you forfeit haft of your deposit. The cleaning deposit portion will be retuned.

Q. What is the backup plan if the weather is poor? 
A. Renter Choice.

Q. Do you have accommodations? 
A. No, a local hotel is within minutes of the barn, RV’s Parking is available. Renter choice of parking within confines of parking lot.

Q. Do you have an in-house caterer?
A. Yes only for private groups, restriction may apply.   

Q. Can I provide my own catering?
A. Yes

Q. How much is the beer kegs/ wines? Is there a price list for this? 
A. Yes, Contact South Hills Bar&Grill at (208) - 423 - 9050 for alcohol sales.

Q. Is there a fee for the bartender?
A. Yes, a $50.00 fee likely and Is subject to change.

Q. Do I have to hire my own Bartender?
A. Yes, you have to Reserve Our bartender. The South Hills Bars&Grill phone number is ( 208 ) - 423 - 9050.

Q. Can I bring in outside cake? 
A. Yes

Q. Is there a cake cutting fee? Only my finace and I will be cutting a piece for ourselves. There will be other deserts for the guests.
A. No

Q. Can we use candles, sparklers, glitter, confetti, etc.? 
A. Yes and No, candles, Real Rose Petals Bubbles and Sparklers  “OK”  ( Any Glitter, Confetti, Rice, Bird seed and Fake Rose Petals, Silly String ) are prohibited and will result in lost of full deposit .

Q. Do you have signs to direct guests to the venue or do we need to supply them?
A. No signs for direction, you supply and must be removed when event is over.

Q. Can I hire my own vendors, or do you require specific ones? 
A. Yes, you can hire any outside vendor or DIY, we don’t require any specific vendors other than tent vendors. We have wedding tent available at a extra charge per tent.

Q. Do the flower petals have to be real? 
A. Yes

Q. Can the venue accommodate a DJ? 
A. Yes

Q. Do you have sound equipment for the ceremony, or will we need to provide that? 
A. We do not have outdoor sound equipment, renter is responsible for upstairs and outside sound equipment.

Q. Do you offer on-site, day of, coordination? 
A. No, all coordinations are done by renter or hired coordinator.

Q. Are there any noise restrictions?
A. No noise restriction inside of barn, outside of barn has 11 PM noise/music ordnance

    for courtesy of the residents that live on property.

Q. Are there any decoration restrictions?
A. Yes, decor is as is, contract explains what is not excepted

Q. Who will be our main contact as we plan our wedding? 
A. The Guy you talk Too When you rent the place!

Q. Who will be our main contact on the day of the wedding? 
A. The Guy you talk Too When you rent the place!

•  Q. When paying the deposit is it cash/check/money order/credit? 
•  A. Cash, check, money order are excepted, all credit card deposit transactions have a 

       Non-Refundable $20 dollar fee.

Q. If check, is the check cashed or is it held until after the wedding?
A. All monies are deposited as monies are paid.

Q. I have been to a wedding and saw that there was a dance floor, how much extra would that be and what is the dimensions of the dance floor?
A. We no longer offer a dance floor.

Q. Is there a place to hang my wedding dress?

A. Yes, there is a small dressing room upstairs.

Q. Can we decorate the outdoor wedding gazebo.

A. Yes

Q. Can credit card be used for final payments.

A. Yes, we will take a credit card on rental payments only, Deposits must be paid in cash, check or money order. 

Q. Are we allowed to take wedding photos around the property?

A. Yes, some restrictions may apply, ask about details. 

Q. When dose my time start and end?

A. Renter time starts at the time chosen on the waiver and ends at that time on the waiver, if additional time is needed a please consult management. Renters and Guest must be gone by ending time due to cleaning for next event if one should be scheduled.

Q. How many hours do I need for my event?

A. If you want to be in a hurry not many but if you want less stress the more the better.

Q. Do I get a refund if I don't use up all my time for my event?

A. No, prices are fixed! { adjust accordingly }

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