1.   One rustic red barn. ​{4300 square feet of indoor space}

 2.   The use of up/down stairs of the barn, outdoor event area and front parking lot.

 3.   One gazebo and water fall feature. { 20 amp power available at gazebo }

 4.   One commercial kitchen. { includes large oven, dishwasher, commercial refrigerator }

 5.   Chafing trays.

 6.   One commercial ice maker.

 7.   One gas fire place.

 8.   Bluetooth stereo with microphone a small PA . { down stairs only }

 9.   When alcohol is needed aBar Tending service fee will apply. { inquire }

10.  Men's restroom and Women's restroom. { 2 stall restrooms }

11.  Up Stairs dry bar or DJ booth. 

12.  Small dressing room. { up stairs }

13.  Stage.  { up stairs }

14.  Hardwood dance floor. { up stairs }

15.  Front and back deck.

16.  Paved and grave parking lot. 

17.  Large gas/briquette BBQ grill. { surcharge for propane inquire }

18.  A/C, swamp cooler, gas fire place, 2 gas furnaces.

19.  1  100 Amp outdoor power outlet, 4  20 Amp outdoor power outlets 

20.  20 round tables. 60"  { we don't supply table cloths all tables must be wiped down after use}

21.  8 rectangle tables. 30"x96"  

​22.  70 tan padded chairs.

23.  140 white padded wedding chairs.

24.  150 gray plastic life time chairs.

25.  RV parking allowed in designated RV area, {No water, Power or Sewage}

26.  Outdoor lighting.

27.  Wi-Fi access.

28.  6' folding latter. { if taller latters are required renter must bring. }  

29.  Tent Camping. { on site available }

30.  Private location.

31.  Credit Card Security. 

32.  Owner's Assistance in case of emergency { owner lives on site }

​33.  1 small indoor wedding arch.

34.  One scenic drive to the country. 




Items or Things The Risk Barn Dosen't Supply with Rental

If you don't see it on this list we do not offer itno hidden fee's of any kind. What you see is what you get, This is a DIY Venue, ask about our private setup and tear down services.

 This is a old barn from 1905, we maintain the best we can along with the grounds it sits on. As for all venues we have no control over the Weather and or Viruses. 

Paper towels

Extra garbage bags

Extension cords

Chafing tray disposable inserts


Dinning Dishes

Extra TP, RR paper towels  

Pots & Pans 

What's included at The Risk Barn with rental.