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The building has been restored and includes a full size kitchen, bar, dance floor, dining area, & restrooms. Building has a occupancy rating for 225 guest, tables and chairs are available are always included. Access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth stereo with microphone. We also have chafing trays for self catering. Barn rental include both up and down stairs of the barn the outside yard and wedding gazebo.

Are you looking for an affordable venue to host an outdoorwedding   ceremony or indoorreception? The Risk Barn is the place for birthdays, meeting, reunions, and much more. 

Call Tim at (208) 316 7975 ​for questions, pricing and viewing.

The Risk barn


We are three timber loggers, from the pacific Northwest that ended up moving into the high desert plains of Idaho after the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens. Two of us moved to central part of Idaho where the forest met the desert, the other moved to the southern part of the state where most of the agriculture crops are grown

The barn was built in 1905, now in 2020 the barn is 115 years old. This old red barn has stood the test of time and has seen many changes of the seasons.  As a historical landmark that sits silently in the rural landscape, it reminds us that old barns are place markers of time

Just northeast of TwinFalls, Idaho and east of Jerome tucked away on a back country side road sits this old rustic barn on a small outcrop of rocks. Overlooking the magic valley and farm land this century old icon building still stands today proud as the day it was built.


Restoration of the barn started in 2000, the old barn was moved from an active farm that was ready to demolish this historic building to make way for a future building. After careful consideration and planning the barn made a ¼ mile journey to its new resting spot where it stands today.

Why The Risk barn, and how it got its name. The story was about a blind pole vaulter were the father was the coach, he pushed his son to take the risk and not to be afraid of the outcome.  We jumped blind into this barn not knowing what the future held for us, many mistakes were made and over come.