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Rent a Wedding or Event Tent

We have two 20' X 40' tents for rent, weather your in need of shade or worried about rain these large tents are the right size for providing cover.

Party Equipment Rental Service

These tents rent at The Risk Barn for $350.00 each.

Lights included under canopy.

Tents are available at other locations for $450.00 each per day. This includes delivery, set up and take down but does not include travel time if tents are needed more than 25 miles from The Risk Barn!


Tents are staked to the ground, side curtains are not supplied or available. Set up time is 2 hours per tent. 

Wind is always a factor when setting up these tents, some times one or two days may needed for set up prior to your event if wind is in the forecast at no extra charge.

Removal of tents depends on the weather and time of rental.