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How Do You Plan a Beautiful Rustic Wedding?

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Rustic theme is a shift in attitude, not necessarily just a shift in style. Folks are going back to a simpler time and pleasures, rather than having or planning a huge, over-the-top event. Before technology came along, our communitys were the ultimate do-it-yourselfers. There is just something nostalgic about giving a little piece of our hearts, into every aspect of weddings from the handmade items to homemade desserts to thank you cards.

There happens to be endless rustic themes, the beauty of this trend is, "what you make of it". Lets takes a look at some popular takes on a rustic theme weddings we see pretty regularly here.


Start with what’s truly important to you:

If you love the DIY aspects of rustic decorations you can find great ideas on Pinterest but don’t be afraid to embrace your crafting diva inside of you, make hand-drawn signs or your own flowers arrangements!

If you adore reclaimed wood, and would like to pledge your love under an open sky, or love creating a comfortable indoor setup with all the elements you love.

If you like to show your love for the outdoors while expressing your faith for your partner, keep it green use recycled or reused items and sourcing foodlocally.

Like any popular wedding theme, make it your own. To be frank, this is YOUR special day and that is why the our rustic barn theme weddings have become so popular over the years – so many possibilities!

Don't forget to get your wedding hashtags for all those special photos. That way your friends and family can add to your online photo gallery collection from a different view.

Shabby chic.  this is a upscale outdoors affair with natural touches and old-world charm – rough-hewn logs, lace, chalkboards, burlap, etc.

Country cowboy style. a large dressed-down party with a county style barbecue and lots of dancing to county music or wedding dance songs.

Eco-friendly, small footprint.  this is celebration of love for the planet, with minimal décor and conscious consumerism.